Moyun Technologies is a virtual hack company,we provide 7*24 persistent safety verification service

In view of the mobile Internet, the Internet of vehicles and the Internet of things, it uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to carry on the continuous security verification of its data and repair the problem of data leakage before being attacked by hackers.




Our Advantages

Quantizing business risk and verifying safety control by using violation simulation, make sure you are one step ahead of the attackers.

Professional Security Team

Unique web internationally known security certification experts for private cloud security products and team of more than 10 years industry experience, provide you with superior service.

Attack process Simulation

Simulate the entire network attack process - from how the attacker can infiltrate your environment into horizontal movement and data penetration. This is not just about which devices or applications are vulnerable or exploitable, this is about validating your specific business scenario by using the full hacker attack process.

Impact-free to existing environment.

It is always a bad idea to run malware in production environment for testing. Our platform is seamless and can be deployed in a production environment. We simulate the various illegal approaches that real hackers use - malware, vulnerability, brute force attack, backdoor, without affecting the user or infrastructure.

Well Trusted

Our platform and framework are built and optimized for enterprise deployment. We integrate with existing security products (such as SIEM) through a powerful API framework. Due to our deep professional knowledge, our commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation security platform, our clients spread all over industries.


Moyun Technologies is a emerging security service provider, made up of the top white hat team in China.

Specialized in the research of the related technologies of continuous security verification, our aiming is to build virtual hacking technology based on artificial intelligence.


Truly quantify your enterprise risk so that you can track and improve security.

Safety Analyst

Analyze the building blocks of simulated attack scenarios and verify quality of the security control work.

Safety Engineer

We provide automated security validation and implementation of blue team remediation so that you can focus on more important strategic tasks.



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